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Would you like to have everything handled for you in renting out your property?

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We are happy to help you find a reliable tenant. We have been active as a rental broker in Amsterdam and the surrounding area for over 9 years and are well aware of the rental prices. The personal contact and the follow-up of the state of affairs make us unique. Want to know more about home rentals?

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YP Housing rents out all kinds of living spaces such as: apartments, studio and single-family homes. We can rent out one residential property or entire apartment complex of more than 100 apartments. In short, we can handle everything for you in the letting of all kinds of objects.

Knowledge and consultation without obligation

During the no-obligation consultation, we will discuss your wishes for the letting of the property in question. We will discuss the possibilities and give you advice on the amount of the rent and any points of improvements for the home.

Search for a tenant

We place an advertisement of your home on our website, we share it in our network, and we place it online on Pararius and Funda. This allows us to quickly find a suitable tenant.

Viewings and screening of potential tenants

As soon as we have found a good candidate, we schedule a viewing appointment. The tenant will be screened and presented to you with the rental proposal.


As soon as you agree, we will draw up the rental agreement and send it to you for approval. We will ensure that the agreement is signed and the rent and deposit have been paid. In addition, you will receive a digital inspection report so that the status of the house before the key transfer is recorded.

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